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StatusPolkadot Telemetry
ChatDiscord, Matrix
LaunchedSeptember 2019

Below are list of Kulupu council members and their additional information.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Please feel free to add your name into this page if you're running for the council, no matter if you are current council members, council runner-ups, or council candidates.

Name Short description Address More information
Wei Core developer of Kulupu 2eeTYXTedvyzCaP9sLJ1oExdqHKLHburZR5endQW9VBbShBU Wei
Dillon Developer of Edgeware 2fgr7oTomywJtAKK8bHzmUJFGCwP4zEXco6Q1cDx71xzDPEV Dillon
Crypto Humanist 2cjUAj1ZJhfwkHkK8fQC95LwD5dYnNsEjncfEZKZ2kMXWetK Crypto Humanist
Set Animals 2dGwrBnumMmiKr6zK2ZdQMVUpSwAQkyguFLeLxkFfefd7vVg
Legend Developer and rationalist 2fPyCFveBKLnN7Ytt3hfQxz1HS9HYKuCf5df5bu2sCor3wzu Legend
•KaosOne• Mod social media 2gK98V9ZKmXwbnJTjGtNtwR8wNeY1AV38hnyhn3p8AcNrJZp KaosOne
Prague 2c4FsF2c1YwBmM6avnK4Fdgd2EvhtU1c8WAwaJK2hDzxdyP7
Nakashu Seasoned IT Pro 2gCLJBYqya8hb6cswuvdteoE6JWwjJ5M3ozYxYJgaMMJE9yC Nakashu
Hacklik1 Miner 2fW24AaXW73VYvs8E2miYjchP4FoZWnyHyH5P4SZTQHsaUGQ
Sgaragagghu IT engineer 2cRhzxw34v2yB8rdP35wB5vkkJe3f4pCSgCbzRmapzv7hWK9 Sgaragagghu
Jardine 2ejZm84mftEKryZJ8tBgdAREn3QDojNH468sw7ctC9ntWToa
Samara 2emZhpRwHHAc2tMxty8NGP9fHaE34ajY71zVsu6qM48q6RUi
Gunray 2eYi9UgDzJDyxGJGXSvUBKUrET9Hycj2VkTy12TV21QyvQC5
Refiragon Social Media Moderator 2cKsZN8rqEraXWNxyj5QhhGPHF9i1Ks3eFcNqigBFj3tEpKz Refiragon

Members[edit | edit source]

Wei[edit | edit source]

Wei is a core developer of Kulupu.

Dillion[edit | edit source]

Hey all, it's Dillon. I'm from Edgeware, another project in the Substrate Ecosystem. Have been watching wei and the community grow on KLP and seems like a very exciting time.

I just registered my identity and ran for a council position. It would be great to see how Edgeware and Kulupu and work together. I know there are DeFi projects that want to get up and running on Edgeware and it would be cool to get KLP added as a collateral type once we can bridge or swap assets

Crypto Humanist[edit | edit source]

Hi, I believe in the human being as central value, and Crypto as a tool to improve the governance of the actual Economical System. We are based in San Francisco, and some of the founders of Starfish Blockchain Community, the largest in Silicon Valley.

•KaosOne•[edit | edit source]

Hi everyone, I'm KaosOne moderator and I manage the social side behind the scenes.

I'm a supporter of Wei and Web3, I firmly believe they are taking the crypto world to a higher level.

"The real revolution must begin within us."

Sgaragagghu[edit | edit source]

Hi all, I'm getting a master degree in it engineering, doing escrow service and helping people in the free time. Previously worked for XDAG as core developer and still I am as councilor. Wanted to be part of this community early, but I was sick and thus out of crypto-world when it started. I like how it merges new technologies as substrate, with an old school approach, like, but not only, PoW. Of course I'm myself old school, if would still prefer IRC over new IMs, and I follow and trust the principles of the hackers (as S.Levy) and bitcoin, I would say I'm a fundamentalist.

Nakashu[edit | edit source]

Hey! Im a seasoned IT professional with long years of experience with integration and automation, mostly in fintech area. Crypto is a "love at first sight" affair for me, an instant wake-up call that I got seeing how much better (faster,cheaper, transparent...) could things be done compared to banking/transactional systems used at the moment around the world. I'm doing my best to support perspective and especially original work projects. Kulupu, with its governance and democracy features and friction-less updates is a one of kind project and Im happy to take my part in it!

Legend[edit | edit source]

I have a background in software engineering and am able to read code and understand complex systems. I have been involved with Kulupu since block 0 and have a keen interest in substrate chains. Not easily swayed by popular opinion and will value each proposal on it's merits. Have long term interests of Kulupu in mind. Vote for me if you would like an independent rational voice on the council.

Refiragon[edit | edit source]

Hello there! I'm Ref, some people call me Refrigerator..😂

My interests are social media and Cryptocurrencies! I've been in the Crypto space since 2017 and I enjoy what Kulupu stands for! Kulupu is the first PoW blockchain built with Substrate!

Some unique value proposition of $KLP:

(1) No premine ✔️

(2) RandomX mining ✔️

(3) Actor based smart contracts ✔️

(4) Forkless upgrades & on-chain governance ✔️

It's a unique project in this blockchain space especially it consists of cool characteristics from leading Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin ($BTC), Ethereum ($ETH), Polkadot ($DOT) and Substrate! Looking forward to the years to come for Kulupu and will be happy to support its development in any way! 👏💯