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StatusPolkadot Telemetry
ChatDiscord, Matrix
LaunchedSeptember 2019

This is Kulupu's roadmap page.

Note that it may look different than what you'll see on a traditional blockchain roadmap. This is because as a no-premine blockchain, our goals are different compared with those in which the founders or founding investors hold a considerable share of the network.

  • In particular, we make no promise that the things on this page will actually be developed, or if there is a date or deadline for things on this page. Unlike those blockchains in which you make an investment to the founding team, in Kulupu this is not the case, and the software is provided without warranty.
  • This roadmap is not just from the core team, but instead, collectively maintained by everyone who works on Kulupu. However, we avoid putting names behind each items as things happen only voluntarily. Please feel free to add new items if you work on something. If we feel that something is not actively being developed, it will be removed from the list.

Ongoing projects[edit | edit source]

  • UX optimizations to mining.
  • Support libraries for emission curves.
  • Smart contract platform for Kulupu.
  • Participation incentives and optimizations for community and governance.
  • Actor-based smart contracts. A new smart contract model that provides better semantics compared with traditional call-based smart contracts. It brings ease of development, resistance against front-running attacks, and copes with sudden surge of usages much better.
  • Certain shared security aspects of Kulupu. This includes integration with Solri and Sedbin.
  • Certain interoperability aspects of Kulupu. This includes better support for atomic swaps and others.

Misinformation[edit | edit source]

In the community, we sometimes hear people believing in things that will possibly never happen on the Kulupu network. Those things are never mentioned by any developers or core development teams, and is considered misinformation unless otherwise stated.

  • PoW hub. Kulupu never had any plans to become a Polkadot PoW hub or similar sorts.

In addition, you may also be interested in the DYOR page of Kulupu.